This page is for official publication for copyright purposes for various compositions and recordings I've cobbled together over the decades. This does not include any works I have done on commission for clients, which are works-for-hire protected from infringement by both statutory and common law copyright, several having been specifically registered with the United States Copyright Office for international distribution through Learning Corporation of America and its subsidiaries, including but not limited to Simon & Shuster, Inc. Publishers.

These following links are musical compositions and realizations done with music composition software including Fermata®, Sibelius®, and Apple Computer's Garageband®, with some multitrack recordings done mixing live performances with keyboards, violin, and guitar via SoundDeck®. All arrangements, performances, and recording mixes are original works by David March. All ORIGINAL compositions are copyrighted intellectual property of David March and may not be reproduced or distributed in any format or technology except with express written permission of the author. Except where indicated, no arrangements, compositions or recordings of any works by other copyright owners have been used for any other purpose than as demonstrations of David March's musical arrangement concepts, or to demonstrate understanding of recording and software techniques.


This ragtime piece was originally composed on an upright piano in 1985. The realization is done with Fermata software, with sweetening by Adobe Audition®: Woodstove Rag © 1985, 2000, and 2014 by David March

This is my tribute to Jackie Evancho's performance in her 2011 Sarasota, Florida Concert at the Ringling Estate, of the song "Mi Mancherai" written by Luis Enrique Bacalov, Riccardo Del Turco, Paolo Margheri and Marco Marinangeli for the film "Il Postino."

Dueling SleighBells was composed in the winter of 2002 for the Placerville Symphony winter concert, borrowing themes from "Dueling Banjos" and "Jingle Bells". It was performed by the orchestra live, from manuscripts printed from Fermata.

Herald's Road is one of 19 original pieces I put together in a CD in 2001, using Fermata software. It is Copyright © 2000 and 2014 by David March.

Here's another composition from that 2001 CD – "Te-Deum, a 4-voice Modal Excursion" intended as the sound bed for a comic animation on the progress of technology, It is also Copyright © 2000 and 2014 by David March.

Again from the 2000 CD, put together as a demo to use for my career, and to share with friends: The Day We Met, Copyright © 2000 and 2014 by David March. If you listen closely you can hear the live violin track quietly in the background beneath the synthesized orchestral pizzicato figures.

This is my short cover of the Cream (Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce & Eric Clapton)  version of Robert Johnson's blues classic "Crossroads"  – a multitrack live recording of my performances with several violin and guitar tracks, used as the audio of my animation piece "Cathartic Vengeance" Copyright © 2000 and 2014 by David March.

"Fat Tuesday Romp" is a lively and quirky piece in 5/4 time, featuring a horn solo against an extended chord figure. The music reminded me of my visits to New Orleans, where my friends took me to Jazz Fest. Yahoo! it is Copyright © 2002, 2005, and 2014, with several mixes I've used for my professional animation Demo Reel, in national distribution.

In the summer of 2007 and 2008, I organized a small fiddle ensemble to perform live along the tourist strip in Virginia Beach, VA. My good friend Jim Edwards and I each wrote a few original pieces and did some original arrangements of old classics – Beatles, Ventures, Beach Boys, torch songs, ballads, folk tunes, Celtic Chewns, and such. Here are a few of those arrangements and originals:

"Recuerdos de El Dorado" has a strong Latino beat, reminds me of the insistence of Cuban/Caribe musicians I've heard. Copyright © 2007 and 2014 by David March.

"En el Jardín" is a pretty piece featuring harp, reminiscent of España after its liberation from the Moors.Copyright © 2007 and 2014 by David March.

"Celtic Tango" combines the genres of Scottish Pub music with the spirit of passionate Argentine singer Carlos Gardel. Copyright © 2007 and 2014 by David March.

"Baile de los Vaqueros Regresanos" has always put me in mind of the dances of the men of the Argentine Pampas, when they've finished the roundups of the cattle that prefigured the cowboy life of the North American plains. Copyright © 2007 and 2014 by David March (The earliest investigations of this piece were back in my college days...)

"Spillane's Ghost" is a short fragment intended to set up an urban "film noir" feel for some animation I had in mind. Copyright © 2007 and 2014 by David March.

"The Music Box" comes from my fascination with Couperin's  classic harpsichord "Les Barricades Mystérieuses" I heard for the first time in my long-lost youth. I started fooling with the figures in trying to learn the keyboard, and kept returning to the musical ideas over the decades. To those who love the original, I apologize for any resemblance to that beautiful piece. My much more modest composition is Copyright © 1970, 1999 and 2014 by David March, with several variations as I refined it.

In 1995 I was asked by a friend to sub for her as the fiddler for "The Merry Praynksters" English Country Dance ensemble that had been performing for years at the Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. That in turn connected me to Cat Taylor, who at that time was putting together a Celtic Dance performance she titled "Challenge of the Seidh." Along with several of her own compositions, we did a number of traditional Irish fiddle Chewns, one of which was "SwallowTail." This recording and arrangement of the traditional tune is Copyright © 2007 and 2014 by David March.
Here's another mix of Celtic Tango...This is a Flash .swf

Here's a Flash .swf of Fat Tuesday Romp...

Flash file of "Lullaby for Alex and Dylan" composition and performance mix © 2012 by David March

Flash file of "Song for Deanna" composition and performance mix © 2014 by David March

Flash file of "The Music Box"

Flash file of "Woodstove Rag"

"Spillane's Ghost" 

  "Celtic Tango"   " En el Jardín"    "Te-Deum"    "The Day We Met"

"Waltz for Juanita" --