Brief Bio

Growing up as "Navy Brats" David and his older brother Don enjoyed looking at 16mm family movies and old black & white prints of Disney Cartoons. Their dad had bought a surplus projector designed for reviewing gun camera films from Navy carrier fighters. It could pause without melting frames, and crank the film manually forward and backward for frame-by-frame examination of the footage --- handy capabilities for a budding animator. Inspired by Disney programs celebrating the craft of animation, David started with stick-figure animation in the margins of his parents' books. They were either very infrequent readers, or extremely patient; they never broke his fingers. Good start.

While studying at Yale, David chanced upon a class in animation. All the years of drawing and music had done a good job of preparing him for animation. During spring and summer breaks before graduating, David worked freelance on sequences for Sesame Street and The Electric Company for several producers. His interest in animation classes introduced him to Oscar-winning animator John Hubley, who agreed to act as advisor for David's independent animation studies B.A.

David plunged into animation and music performance after college. In the 70's and 80's he owned and operated a small animation studio with his brother, producing local and regional broadcast commercials, PSAs and educational films. After seven years, he began learning computer skills, and ended up working a Quantel Paintbox at a fancy video house in Cincinnati, where his broadcast work was awarded an EMMY by the Regional NATAS. While working at Instant Replay Video, he was hired by University of Cincinnati to teach animation part time. His work with the students in animation and in the school's computer lab lead to a full time appointment to integrate Macintosh computer graphics into the curriculum at University of Cincinnati's School of Art. During that period he was also engaged by Xavier University (Cincinnati) to teach a computer graphics course.

In the early 1990's David was hired by Startoons studio in Chicago, just gearing up for a 10-show contract with Warner Brothers --- Tiny Toons, AniManiacs, and Taz-Mania. He supervised the assistant animators, trained new hires, and animated shots by the pound. In 1993, Atari Games recruited David to animate for their arcade games starting with "Primal Rage." Atari sent David to WaveFront to learn their Dynamation™ software, grandparent of Maya. After rigging and animating hi-res fighting characters for two years (for the game "Vicious Circle") David worked on the hit game "California Speed" before accepting an offer from The Learning Company. The rest of the decade was spent designing animation for a series of children's interactive CDs --- Reader Rabbit, Mission THINK, RugRats, CatDog, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Arthur, and web entertainment.

Since leaving Northern California, David has become proficient with Lightwave 3D, and is working with the Adobe CS5 package. In three years as full time faculty at Regent School of Communication and the Arts, he taught courses with both traditional methods and computer graphic applications. Prior to accepting the position with Regent, he taught 3D classes at Tidewater Community College's Visual Arts Center, and produced freelance jobs and independent projects with LW, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and music arrangements with Sibelius.

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Note: Throughout my career I've aimed for brevity in my professional résumé. Academic CV's are customarily much more detailed. Regent University had not evolved a standard equivalence scale for faculty whose teaching credentials derived from professional experience rather than advanced academic degrees. Those of us designated professionals or artists in residence were asked to arrange our resume & portfolio information in a format as close as practicable to that of the academic Curriculum Vita. Mine follows:

CV / Resume for William David March, upgraded summer 2013

                                        David March
                                        3220 Club House Circle
                                        Virginia Beach, VA 23452

                                        dmarch - at - davidmarch(dot)org

                                        alternate email: dmarchfiddle - at - mac(dot)com

                                        Home Phone: (757) 340-6075

                                        Cellular #      : (757) 770-5899


3D & 2D animation designer & producer experienced with traditional film techniques (animation, layout, direction, X-sheets, audio-production, track reading, photography, editing) video broadcast, entertainment & interactive games production pipelines, I have at different times delivered my work with Lightwave 8.5, Sibelius, Flash, Wavefront Dynamation (Character Rigging & Animation) I have delivered 3D projects w Lightwave , Unix, Mac, Windows, multiformat video, Final Cut Express, Adobe CS3 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, AfterEffects) Director, Quantel Paintbox & Harry Digital Editing, Abekas, Vertigo 3D, Sound Deck II, Soundforge, Fermata, Quark Xpress, iMovie, iDVD, InDesign, Premiere v 4 & 6.5, GarageBand, Finale Notepad, PageMaker 6.5, Melody, MsWord & Excel, Appleworks, Infini-D, OFFSET 4-color print design, University-level teaching experience, traditional film animation & film editing, storyboarding, scriptwriting, music composition, studio & live performance. Training w After Effects and Maya. I have been a professional violinist / fiddler since childhood, performing and recording with community and professional orchestras, Celtic bands, acoustic Rock bands, solo & session work for soundtracks, albums, radio and television advertising.


WORK STATUS: I am a U.S. citizen; authorized to work in this country for any employer. Security Clearance circa 1980 (cognizant agency DCASR) not current.


Summer 2011 to present – employed as adjunct faculty, Media Arts department, Art Institute of Virginia Beach, conducting classes in Drawing for Animation, Language of Animation & Film, Character and Background Design, Storyboarding, Audio for Games and Animation, and a graded step-wise progression of four courses in traditional 2D character animation using state-of-the-art Cintiq / Windows workstations with Toonboom Harmony professional level software, as well as the Adobe CS6 suite of graphic and media tools. In addition to design and storytelling skills, key posing, in-betweening, charting, timing, and other classic animation techniques, I clarify the use and coordination of Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Audition, Garageband, Flash, and several other professional packages. From my professional experience of having participated from time to time as a team member in a number of 3D productions as animator, rigger, texture artist and director, I provide background and context for the animation students to understand how 2D and 3D production work flow connect and support each other.

I serve as sponsor for Animation Club of the Art Institute of Virginia Beach.

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I occasionally perform as a member of the string quartet La Mer - these days only 4 or 5 performances per year. I also have used Sibelius™music software to compose and record a number of short music pieces, some of which are made available for students to use in exercises. 

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Summer 2008 to Summer 2011 - employed as "artist-in-residence" - full time faculty - at Regent University School of Communication and the Arts, 1000 Regent University Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464, office telephone 757 352-4305. 

Direct Supervisor Ruby Southerland, director of Electronic Graphics / head of animation

Salary information on request.

Reason for leaving: Contract ran its course; reorganization of University in response to economic conditions ended department within the School of Communication and the Arts

Duties include: teaching, committee assignments, development of the animation major curriculum, evaluation and actualization of creative scripts. Courses developed and taught include Intro to Computer Graphics, Advanced Perspective, Storyboarding, Comparative Anatomy for Illustrators & Animators, Cartooning, Gesture Drawing, Intro to 2D computer-based animation, Advanced 2D Computer-based Animation (based on ToonBoom), Fundamentals of 2D Animation, Use of Music in Animation, Business of Animation, Limited Market Animation, Culminating and Independent Projects, Production Practicum, Independent Studies. Served as Faculty Sponsor for Regent Animation Club; served on Animation department curriculum committee, served as judge with other faculty for varioius film festivals.

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From about 2005 to 2008, I participated in about a dozen recording sessions performing as a violinist member of the professional group Millennium Symphony, conducted by Robert Ian Winstin (1959-2010), for the CD series he was producing through ERM Media "Made in America"  and "Masterworks of the New Era." (After accepting a full time appointment at Regent School of Communication and the Arts, I withdrew from the orchestra.)

These sessions are included on several CDs (including Masterworks of the New Era, Vol. 6) now in international distribution by Naxos.

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4/2001 - Summer 2008            Freelance production & teaching part time Tidewater Community College
Animation Designer                 TCC supervisor, Ed Gibbs, Director, Visual Arts Center

In 2001 just before the so-called "Dot-Com" frenzy peaked , I joined my new wife on her small ranch in the Sierra foothills. Building a 21-foot modern yurt for my studio I did freelance work and took time to investigate web issues, 3D, Music composition and mixing software. In 2003 I returned to Virginia to help my brother recuperate from a life-threatening health crisis. (He's doing fine now!) Since returning to Virginia, I have greatly expanded my skills with 3D, achieving professional proficiency with Lightwave 3D. To bring my software skills closer to current status, I completed a TCC 3D course with honors grades. Subsequently I was contracted as adjunct faculty to teach 3D Animation at Tidewater Community College, Visual Arts Center Portsmouth, VA. Through this period I produced and delivered commissioned and independent animation projects with Lightwave, creating original teaching materials with the application. (Ed Gibbs, Director of the Visual Arts Center, was the cognizant administrator for this program as of Spring 2008. Phone 1 757 822 1888.) This work was on a per-term basis. After accepting the full time position with Regent I did not continue teaching at TCC.

5/2000 - 3/2001             Enluminent, Inc. Fremont, CA
Senior Animator            Immediate Supervisor: Ken Martin, President
Reason for Leaving: Marriage & relocation

Create concepts, character designs, scripts, and animation sequences for web animation song parodies ("For the Pokey", "Fat Babe", "Mime After Mime") and entertainment programs (including episodes of "Gary the Rat") using Flash, Photoshop, InDesign and other programs running on Windows OS.

4/1999 - 9/1999                Know Ware, Inc. Fremont, CA
Contract Animator            Immediate Supervisor: Mike Bailey, V.P./Creative Director
Reason for leaving: projects completed; my contract was fulfilled.

Create rough and finished 2-D animation sequences for interactive RugRats and CatDog CD education / entertainment products, using AURA software running on Windows OS.
I did "rough" animation, then cleaned up, then colored, assembled, checked audio synchronization, and composited animation with background art.

9/1996 - 5/1998             The Learning Company Fremont, CA
Animator                     Immediate Supervisor Sid Weber, supervisor of production teams
Reason for Leaving: RIF layoffs following purchase by new owners

I was recruited to establish 3D standards & procedures for for new products. Just after I started new owners took over and eliminated any 3D production. I was re-assigned to 2D animation, character models, backgrounds, props, concepts, gags, and finished animation sequences for children's interactive educational CD products, using Director, 3DO Animator, Photoshop, Illustrator, Infini-D, MacroMedia Extreme 3D, Swivel 3D, Debabelizer, and various proprietary software packages running on Mac O/S.

In addition to those regular tasks, I was tasked to evaluate new software before it was released for general use by team animators, and to train new hires in software and procedures. I was assigned as liaison with outside contractors, to ensure they met all specifications to integrate with elements produced internally. Within the company I helped resolve issues arising among and between artists, game designers, & programmers. I created art for the marketing department to promote emerging products, and scores of 3D props and mockups for the teams I served with.

10/1993 - 9/1996             Atari Games, Inc. Milpitas, CA
Senior Animator              Immediate Supervisor: Lyle Rains, V.P.
Reason for Leaving: Left to accept new job offer    
Create concepts, character designs, "attract" screens, gags, back stories, dialog and banter, and finished character and special effects animation for coin-operated interactive video arcade games. After six months Atari sent me to Wavefront's headquarters to take training in their Dynamation software (predecessor to MAYA) as a member of a team that trailblazed procedures for high-resolution 3D animation --- new territory for Atari. For the next two years I worked with 3D software, choreographing movement, and designing, installing, and modifying the skeletons and flexors, then animating high-resolution human figures. In addition, I was tasked to train new hires in Atari's proprietary software and Macintosh, Windows, and Unix OS, and to evaluate new software. I also worked on several driving games--- projects using low-polygon-count real-time texture-mapped objects, with proximity-triggered levels of detail, culminating in "California Speed." During that period I developed and administered skills-proficiency/competency evaluation tests for the department to use in decisions of hiring and firing.

10/1991 - 9/1992                     Startoons, Inc. Glenwood, Illinois
Assistant Supervisor                Immediate supervisor: Jon McClenahan, owner
Reason for Leaving: Laid off        
Animator / Assistant Supervisor, Startoons, Chicago. Duties: traditional animation, layout, storyboarding, evaluation and training of new staff; animation of scenes for episodes of Tiny Toons, Taz-Mania, and AniManiacs for Warner Brothers, Dinosaur television special for WHYY / Encyclopedia Britannica.   (Screen credit for Tiny Toons, but I had left the company prior to final delivery of completed sequences for AniManiacs and Taz-Mania.)
• Freelance work during this period: computer graphics, design, 50+ textbook illustrations by traditional and Mac methods, mostly for South-West Publishing, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Titles on request.

9/1991 - 6/1992         Adjunct Full-Time faculty, University of Cincinnati DAAP
Adjunct faculty        Supervisor, Derrick Woodham, Director, School of Art
(DAAP = School of Design, Art, Architecture & Planning)
Reason for Leaving:  Full-time Contract fulfilled; budgets cut state-wide...(I continued part time...)
Full-time faculty appointment to organize & conduct classes integrating Macintosh graphics into curriculum for all degree programs within Design Art, Architecture & Planning. Working with drawing faculty I co-authored 3 original workbooks, created illustrations, problems & exercises, then conducted classes which gave novice students fluency & self-sufficiency in Mac O/S, several standard software tools, and current archiving, review, & printing procedures.
Over the academic year, I conducted ten classes of approximately 30 students each, for each of three quarters, and successfully introduced the basic operations of Mac OS, three different applications, and the printing and archiving processes of the DAAP computer lab to all those students. They were, of course, highly motivated in their programs to begin with. But my teaching skills seem to have been validated by the results that all my students--- including a number of graduate students, one profoundly deaf student who had signed up for my class after I visited her high school, one visiting faculty who spoke very little English--- entered with no computer skills whatsoever, and emerged with a basic proficiency and confidence in their ability independently to use and explore the Mac.

8/1990 - 8/1991         (freelance) Cincinnati, Ohio
Freelance Producer / full-time & part-time university faculty
Freelance animation, storyboarding, consulting, teaching.
• Appointed full-time faculty, University of Cincinnati DAAP. Co-wrote 3 workbooks, organized & taught course integrating Mac into drawing curriculum for all degree programs. (1 year contract)
• Taught Intro to Videographics (1990) Xavier University, using Vista TIPS.
• Art-Directed World Premier computer animation for GE-90 jet engine.
• Produced animation for Procter and Gamble using MacroMind Director.        
• Delivered print ads, logos, and textbook illustrations using Mac applications.

6/1987 - 10/1990                 Instant Replay Video, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio
Staff Animation Producer        Immediate Supervisor: Terry Hamad, owner
Reason for leaving: Voluntary Resignation to seek better position    

Budgeting, storyboarding and directing 2D and 3D animation, electronic paintbox, meet w clients, draft contracts/ proposals/ estimates,supervision of freelance animators, training of staff in Mac operations; design of newsletter using Quark Xpress; Direction & integration of traditional animation with Quantel Paintbox, Harry and Mirage systems, Vertigo 3D computer animation, Abekas digital disk; coordination and preparation of elements for multiformat video environment; Supervision and coordination of freelance and subcontractors for animation.
• Awarded Emmy for broadcast video animation 1989, NATAS regional chapter
• University of Cincinnati DAAP Faculty; Animation classes 1989-91(part time adjunct faculty)

9/1984 - 11/1986                 (freelance) Virginia Beach, VA
Freelance designer
Began work with Macintosh. Delivered Devil's Tower visitors' center animation for National Parks Service, General Electric "Blue Tube" 4-minute intro; illustrations, print ads.

4/1977 - 8/1984                 March Brothers Animation Studio Virginia Beach, VA
Owner / Producer / Director
Delivered TV spots, educational films, original scripts, audio & music. Trained employees in film production techniques. Responsible for sales, contracts, scheduling, budgeting, managing projects. To qualify for a site security clearance I developed procedures and documentation for handling classified & sensitive information for the United States Government. I was cleared to the level of SECRET, cognizant agency DCASR, Philadelphia. (The clearance is NOT current)

3/1970 - 8/1977 Freelance Various animation jobs--- storyboarding, camera, animation, assisting, budgeting, editing, etc. 35mm stills, assist live action shoots; full-time Music performance.

EDUCATION 5/1972 Yale University US-Connecticut-New Haven Bachelor of Arts Degree
Committee-reviewed independent major in film animation, faculty advisor Oscar-winning animator John Hubley, then associated with Yale School of Art. The degree program focused on visual planning & storyboarding for film, scriptwriting, character animation, design, and independent animation projects. Senior project was an animated film w original script & multitrack music recording for which I played violin, cello, mandolin, and guitar.
I also performed with the university symphony orchestra, and was a springboard diver with the 1967-68 swimming team. I worked part-time at various jobs through my undergraduate years (Dining halls, Music Library, Art Library, in particular.)